A Timeline of San Diego SF (& Related) Conventions and Events

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YearDateConventionFacilityGoHs &
Special Guests
+ Notes
2012 10/5-7 Conjecture 10 Town and Country Patricia C. Wrede(author)
Heather Dale (artist)
Laura Reynolds (music)
2012 3/2-4 Con-Dor 19 Town and Country Lowell Cunningham
Mike Bocianowski
2011 9/9-11 Conjecture 9 Town and Country Allen Steele
2011 2/25-27 Condor XVIII Town and Country Gregory Benford
2010 10/1-3 Conjecture 8 Town and Country Robert J. Sawyer
2010 2/26-28 Condor XVIITown and Country CJ Cherryh
2009 2/27-3/1 Condor XVIHandlery Hotel Todd McCaffrey
2008 9/26-28 Conjecture 7 Red Lion Hanalei (now Crowne Plaza) David Drake
2008 2/29-3/2 Condor XV Handlery Hotel Timothy Zahn
2007 9/28-30 Conjecture 6: Alien Cultures Red Lion Hanalei (now Crowne Plaza) Larry Niven
2007 3/2-4 Condor XIV Handlery Hotel Eric Flint
2006 9/29-10/1 The Fifth Conjecture Red Lion Hanalei (now Crowne Plaza) Rachel Caine
2006 7/1-7/4 Westercon 59: Conzilla Marriott Mission Valley Walter Jon Williams
Bob Eggleton (artist)
Bobbi Armbruster (fan)
Kevin J. Anderson (tm)
2006 3/3-5 Condor XIII Handlery Hotel Christopher Stasheff
2005 10/7-10/9 The Fourth Conjecture Doubletree Club - Hotel Circle Jack McDevitt
2005 3/25-3/27 Condor XII Marriott Mission Valley John Varley
2004 10/1 - 10/3 Conjecture 3 Doubletree Club - Hotel Circle C. S. Friedman
Jess Heinig
2004 4/9 - 4/11 Gaylaxicon 2004 Red Lion Hanalei David Gerrold
Joe Phillips
Virginia Hey
2004 2/27 - 2/29 Con-Dor XI Del Mar Hilton Robert Silverberg
Karen Haber
2003 10/11 BuffyFest 2003 San Diego Concourse Andy Hallett
2003 10/3 - 10/5 Conjecture II Doubletree Club - Hotel Circle Robert Charles Wilson
2003 2/28 - 3/2 Con-Dor X Del Mar Doubletree Mike Resnick
2002 10/18 - 10/20 Conjecture Mission Valley Doubletree Steven Brust
2002 2/22- 2/24 Con-Dor IX Del Mar Doubletree Emma Bull
Will Shetterly
Robert Trebor
2000 5/5 - 5/7 Con-Dor 2K Del Mar Doubletree Vernor Vinge
David Allen Books
1999 2/12-2/14 Con-Dor 7 Town & Country Tim Powers
Lara Parker
1998 6/27-7/1 Westercon 51: Concept Mariott Mission Valley Katherine Kurtz
Scott McMillan
Sue Dawe [Fantasy Artist]
David W. Clark [Fan]
1998 2/27-3/1 Con-Dor 6 Town & Country Harry Turtledove
Penny Juday
Mark Allen Shepherd
Karen Westerfield
1997 2/21-2/23 Con-Dor 5 Town & Country Lois McMaster Bujold
Lolita Fatjo
1996 4/19-4/21 ConTemporary (nee DefCon VIII) UCSD Price Center Robert L. Forward
1996 2/23-2/25 Con-Dor 4 Town & Country Kim Stanley Robinson
1995 5/6 DefCon VII UCSD Price Center Harry Turtledove
1995 2/24-2/26 Con-Dor 3 Town & Country Jennifer Roberson
Jerry Doyle
John Iacovelli
1994 5/7 DefCon VI UCSD Price Center Vernor Vinge
1994 2/25-2/27 Con-Dor 2 Town & Country Jerry Pournelle
Rick Sternbach
1993 3/5-3/7 Con-Dor #1 Town & Country Octavia Butler
J. Michael Stracynski
1991 5/18 DefCon IV UCSD Price Center Jefferson P. Swycaffer
Dr. Stephen Potts
1991 2/16-2/18 CON/FUSION San Diego Concourse Tim Powers
Steve Rude
Jim and Doreen Webbert
Announcement on SF-lovers
Sponsored by San Diego Comic Con
1990 8/30-9/3 1990 NASFiC: ConDiego San Diego Concourse & Omni Hotel (now Westin Horton Plaza) Samuel R. Delany
Ben Yalow
1987 2/6-2/8 ConQuistador IV Bahia Hotel, Mission Bay R. A. MacAvoy
Bill Higgins
1986 ? Colonial Con II ? Need Info - Battlestar Galactica con?
1986 7/3-7/6 Westercon 39: Halleycon Town & Country David Brin
Karen Turner
1986 2/28-3/2 ConQuistador III Hotel San Diego (moved from Town & Country 6 months out)  
1985 ? - ConQuistador '85 Bahia Hotel, Mission Bay  
1984 6/8-6/10 ConQuistador Quality Royale Hotel, Mission Valley (now Sheraton MV) Theodore Sturgeon
Fred Patten
1984 4/13-4/15 Costume-Con 2 Town & Country  
1983 1/14-1/16 Costume-Con 1 Bahia Hotel, Mission Bay  
1979 9/29 Starcon 79 US Grant Hotel Evans: Not sure who was chair or the GOH, but I do have the program book in a box in the closet. Some in the near future I will did 'em out and see what is there.
1979 2/24 Whatacon SDSU Aztec Center Chair: Pearl Stickler. Evans: The Killer Tomato people were there, don't remember other guests. Do have slides, will have to scan them in soon. I ran registration at this con and still have the stack of index cards of the membership.
1977 9/30-10/2 StarCon '77 El Cortez Hotel LROoF Page
Photo by Eric Popejoy
Franz Joseph's StarCon logo
1976 7/10 America's Quincentennial Celebration Grossmont College Guests: Grace Lee Whitney, Paula Crist.; Barney Evans photos
1975 5/24-5/26 Equicon 75 El Cortez Hotel Guests included the entire main cast of Star Trek.
Date verified from con's PR#2 Briggs adds: the name derived from the convention supposedly being on the Equinox. There were several Equicon's in L.A. before and after, at the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes.
McCoy writes: The first four [1971-1974] were run by Bjo trimble in Los Angeles. She allowed a group of STAR San Diego fans, headed by Jean [Peacock] Graham, to run the 1975 convention, combining it that year with the other LA convention Bjo ran, called Filmcon [hence, Equicon 75/Filmcon 3]. Evans writes: the only main Trek actors that were there were George Takei, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, and Walter Koenig. Also Gene and Majel [Roddenberry] were there, as was Rod Jr.
1973 4/14 S.T.A.R. San Diego's First Meeting    
1970 8/1-8/3 San Diego Comic-Con ("Comic-Con 1") US Grant Hotel Ray Bradbury
Jack Kirby
A.E. van Vogt
Forry Ackerman
1966 7/1 - 7/4 Westercon XIX Stardust Motor Hotel (now Handlery, Mission Valley) Harlan Ellison
John & Bjo Trimble
(Photo of Ellison)
Origin of "Bouncing Potatoes" filk
1952 6/28-6/29 Westercon 5 (SouthwesterCon) US Grant Ray Bradbury, Ray Nolan