Membership in SanSFiS, Inc.

Membership in SanSFiS events (such as conventions) is generally open to all.

Voting Membership in SanSFiS, Inc., is open to anyone who is working (or has worked) as active staff for a SanSFiS event or program for a full quarter.

Exact qualifications for voting membership are given in Article 12, Section 2 of the SanSFiS Bylaws:

(SanSFiS events and programs are organized as Standing Committees of the corporation.)

If you meet the above qualifications, you may receive a notice with an invitation to apply for membership. However, you may qualify without receiving a personal invitation. It is now the responsibility of qualified persons to apply for membership. If you wish to apply, aren't sure whether you qualify, or if you have other questions, please send e-mail to the SanSFiS Secretary. Application for membership should include:

It is SanSFiS policy according to the bylaws to assess annual membership dues of $36.00 to support the basic operations of the corporation: post office fees, domain name, insurance, etc. Favorable fiscal conditions in 2010 prompted the SanSFiS board to waive membership dues for 2010 and 2011. Even though dues are waived, a membership application is required for SanSFiS membership each year.

Membership Roster 2011 (as of January 16, 2011)

Qualification Roster

SanSFiS no longer maintains a qualification roster. What follows is a historical active staff roster for past SanSFiS projects and events from 2001 to approximately 2007. Also listed are Directors who served during those years.

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Name 2000-2001 BoD (Seats 1,3,5,7) 2000-2002 BoD (Seats 2,4,6) 2000-2001 Steering Committee 2001-2003 BoD (Seats 1,3,5,7) Conjecture 2002 2002-2004 BoD (Seats 2,4,6) Conjecture 2003 2003-2005 BoD (Seats 1,3,5,7) Conjecture 2004 2004-2006 BoD (Seats 2,4,6) Conjecture 2005 2005-2007 BoD (Seats 1,3,5,7) San Diego Fandom Index 11/2005-11/2006 Conjecture 2006 2006-2008 BoD (Seats 2,4,6,8) Conjecture 2007
Ahmad Abdel-Hameed     X   X                      
Kris Bauer         X   X   X   X     X   X
Valentina Bauer-Landes                 X              
Scott Beckstead             X   X              
Sheri Benoun             X                  
Stella Bloom             X   X         X   X
Burt Boden                     X     X    
Dionna Bradford                 X   X     X   X
James Briggs             X   X              
Stuart Carroll                     X     X   X
Sandra Childress             X X X   X     X   X
Jerome Coey                     X          
Zathras Printing Concern         X   X   X   X     X   X
Rosie Duran-McKellip         X                      
Brandon Eads                     X          
Anne Englehart         X                      
Mark Englehart         X                      
Barney Evans             X                 X
Darrel Exline         X   X   X   X X   X   X
Daniel Fasching                 X   X          
Deborah Flores                 X              
P K Garcia                           X    
Vanessa Gonzales                     X     X   X
Christine Hay             X   X X X     X    
James Hay         X       X   X         X
Kevin Hay             X   X   X     X    
Blair Heald             X                  
Stacey Helton                 X   X     X   X
B. James             X   X             X
Zak Jarvis             X   X             X
Brianna Johnson                     X     X   X
Jason Justice                 X   X          
Tom Kee             X                  
Corby Kennard                 X   X     X   X
Christine Kondo                 X              
John Kusters X   X X X   X X X   X     X    
Ryan Layton     X   X   X   X   X X   X   X
Kevin Lindgren                 X              
Allison Lonsdale   X X   X X X   X   X   X X   X
Laura Luchau         X                      
Alan Lutton         X   X   X   X          
Michele Lyons             X                  
Michael Mason         X                      
Ben Massoglia                 X   X          
Michael McConnell                     X          
Christian McGuire             X                 X
Seanan McGuire         X                      
Patrick McKinnion         X                      
Jake Miller                 X              
David Mills         X       X   X          
Cathy Mullican         X   X   X   X     X   X
Shweta Narayan                           X   X
Pearl Newton                     X          
Wendy Newton                           X    
Jennifer Nissen                 X   X     X    
Ron Ontell         X                      
Val Ontell         X                      
Melinda Picard                     X          
Jack Plummer                           X   X
Lucas Powell                 X              
Dave Rankin                     X          
Patrick Reed         X                      
Regina Reynante             X                 X
Chris Riggs-Saberton             X                 X
Kevin Roche             X                  
Bruce Rowan                     X         X
Rebecca Rowan                     X         X
Wyatt Schlaufman                 X              
Elisa Sheets X   X X X   X             X   X
Christina Shuy                     X          
Michael Siladi   X     X X       X     X      
Marc Silver                               X
Andy Simpson                               X
Mary Smith     X   X                      
Nathaniel Smith                           X   X
Joyce Sperling         X                      
Sally Spero     X   X                      
Steve Spero     X   X                      
Joan Steward             X                  
Bobbi Stoudenmire                     X          
Kevin Stoudenmire                 X   X          
Jefferson Swycaffer                     X     X   X
Michael Thomas X   X X X   X X X   X X   X   X
Katherine Thorton                     X          
Adam Tilghman X   X X X   X X X   X X X X   X
Rebecca Tilghman             X             X    
Andrew Trembley             X                  
Amber Ulmer                           X   X
David Ulmer                     X     X   X
Nancy Ulmer                     X     X   X
Meg Weaver             X       X          
Zack Weinberg                           X    
Steve West         X                      
Lorena Wolfe                 X              
Glen Wooten         X   X   X   X     X   X