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World Fantasy 2011
PO Box  927388
San Diego CA


(858) 292-4363

Chair Val Ontell
Chair’s Mentors Davey Snyder, Rina Weisman, Mike Willmoth
Art Show Glen Wooten
     Staff Laura Domitz, Bill Parker, Jennifer Bonner,
P.K. Garcia, Martha Maher, Cheryl Smith
Book Bag & Badge Holder Acquisition Cary Meriwether, Stella Bloom
Book Distribution Rina Weisman, Laura Domitz
     Staff Cary Meriwether, Stella Bloom, Donna Dudley, Tim Roden, Mike Butler, Angela Butler, Regina Reynante
Dealers Room Terry Hertzler, Patrick Heffernan
Staff Gordon Van Such, Alice Massoglia, Marty Massoglia
GoH Liaison Laurie MacDonald
Staff Tom Galloway, Lee Whiteside, Judy Lazar,
Penni Beveridge, Nadine Armstrong
Hospitality Suite Kate Evans and Tara Oakes
Staff Karen Willson, Chris Weber, Alessa Ellefson, J.M. Perkins, Marti Webb, Tammy L. Coxen
Hotel Liaison / Facilities Ron Ontell
Staff Adam Tilghman
IT Guru Adam Tilghman
Local Arrangements (including Restaurant Guide and Information) Brianna Faulkner, Cathy “Nolly” Mullican
(including Tech)
Barney Evans
Staff Kim Williams, Vanyel Harkema
Media Relations Richie Edquid
Ops / Office James Jira
Staff Jon Louis Mann, Seth Breidbart, West McDonough Flanagan, Jonathan Pendragon
Party Coordinator Anastasia Hunter
Staff Rachel Steinberger, Kevin Pere
Program Book Robbie Robbins, Ted Adams, Rina Weisman, Maryelizabeth Hart
Program Book Ads Rina Weisman
Program Ops Colleen Cahill
Staff Ron Oaks, Gayle Surrette, Paul Haggerty,
Chris Marble
Programming Jim Hay
Consultant Maryelizabeth Hart, Allison Lonsdale
Publisher Liaison Rina Weisman
Staff Cary Meriwether, Stella Bloom
Registrar Sandi Faulkner
      Staff (At Con) Mary Kay Kare, Bill Parker, Jack Plummer, Amy Treadwell, Kim Williams
     Staff (Pre-Con) Brianna Faulkner
Secretary Jefferson Swycaffer
Signage Thomas Benson
Social Networking Mavens  
Facebook: Kate Evans, Cathy “Nolly” Mullican
Twitter: Mary Kay Kare
Special Events
(including Banquet,
Art Show Reception,
Autograph Session)
Peggy Rae Sapienza
Deputy Margo Porter
      Staff Thomas Benson, Peter Halasz, Judith Kindell, Allison Moon, Kim Greyson, Bruce Farr, Lea Farr, Joyce Hooper
Treasurer Dave Bloom
Staff Adam Tilghman
Volunteers Mary Holston
Master of the Web Tony N. Todaro

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