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Dealers Room


The Dealers Room for World Fantasy Convention 2011 will be co-located with the Art Show in the Golden Pacific Ballroom.  The Dealers Room is sold out.  However, we have started a wait list in case a spot opens up.

The World Fantasy Convention is essentially a literary convention and the Dealers Room will be primarily limited to booksellers, specialty-press publishers, and very select high-end jewelry/art dealers.


The following Dealers are confirmed

Dealers Room Hours

Wednesday: 2PM-9PM (Dealer setup ONLY)
Thursday: 8AM-Noon (Dealer setup ONLY)
  Noon-6PM - Open to Members
Friday: 9AM-10AM (Dealer setup ONLY)
  10AM-6PM - Open to Members
Saturday: 9AM-10AM (Dealer setup ONLY)
  10AM-6PM - Open to Members
Sunday: 9AM-10AM (Dealer setup ONLY)
  10AM - One Half Hour After WFA Ceremonies End - Open to Attendees
  One Half Hour After WFA Ceremonies End - Dealers Room Closes
  Until 10PM - Pack Up & Room Breakdown


If you have any questions, please contact:

Terry Hertzler
Dealers Room Director

Dealer Room Application CoverClick to view and download.

Dealers Room Letter | Dealer Room Layout





Last updated: 10/24/11
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