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Sunday Events

10:00 AM

Pacific 1: Naval Battles in Fantasy Fiction

War upon the waves can be different when you control the winds or talk to the creatures of the sea, or your ship. How have naval battles and campaigns been approached in literature and how has this been informed, or not, by real naval battles, strategy and tactics? How might naval warfare from different eras be used? How do you build a naval strategy based on what the gods might let you do? Can you find battle tactics to outwit Scylla and Charybdis? Will remembering what Nelson did help you face a kraken?

Myke Cole, Travis Heermann, Mike Moscoe (M), Gillian Redfearn, Elisabeth Waters

Pacific 2/3: The Process of Creating Fantasy Art

Three professional fantasy artists present slides of and speak about their working processes on recent fantasy artworks, and present comparisons/contrasts of approaches, aesthetics, and decision-making in the creation of artworks.

Tim Kirk, Todd Lockwood, John Picacio (M)

Pacific 4/5: Reading - Deirdre Saoirse Moen

Tiki:  WFC Business Meeting #2

The second of two meetings for the convention board. Open to the public, though it may be closed for private discussion and voting at the end of the meeting.

10:30 AM

Pacific 6/7: Reading - Mercurio D. Rivera

11:00 AM

Pacific 1: Intellectual Property Rights vs. the Free Web

Does information really want to be free? Do the people who say that still think so once they’ve been published? Generational differences in attitudes toward information and its effects.

Justin Ackroyd, David Chanoch, Jeff Conner, Ashley Grayson(M), David Malki

Pacific 2/3: Time Goggles: Modern Perspectives and Period Literature.
There have been many complaints about colonialist attitudes in Steampunk literature. Some also see a trend of racism in depiction of non-European lands, not to mention the rampant sexism of the Victorian period. Does a piece that reflects the actual attitudes of the time inherently endorse such attitudes? Is the problem here any worse than in European romantic fantasy?

Emma Bull (M), Marie Brennan, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Bradford Lyau

Pacific 4/5: Reading – Peter S. Beagle
            Premiere of a brand new story, “Olfert Dapper’s Day.”

Pacific 6/7: Reading - Matthew Rotundo

11:30 AM

Pacific 4/5: Reading - Alison Goodman

1:00 PM

Town and Country: 2011 World Fantasy Awards Banquet

For those who wish to attend the Awards ceremony only, seating will be provided at approximately 2:30PM or when the Banquet concludes, whichever is earlier.

Please note: Since most of this year’s WFA judges are not attending the convention, there will be no Judges Panel after the Banquet and Awards ceremony.


Last updated: 10/24/11
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