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Angélica Gorodischer

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 28th 1928, lives in Rosario, Argentina, since 1936. Twenty five books published, novels and short stories. Never a play; never a poem, not even at sixteen when everybody writes poems, out of love or of politics. Elementary and high school at the Escuela Normal n° 2 de Profesoras in Rosario. And then School of Arts and Literature, Rosario National University but only for five years. No grade, no academic award, no nothing: wanted to write, not to teach.

Books: Short stories with soldiers, 1965; Opus Two, novel, 1967, 1990; The wigs, short stories, 1968;Under the yubayas in bloom, short stories, 1973, 1987; Chaste electronic moon, short stories, 1977; Trafalgar, short stories, 1979, 1984 and 1986; Imperial Kalpa, novel, 1983, 1991, 2000, 2001; A bad night, short stories, 1983, 1997; Vases of alabaster, Boukhara carpets, novel, 1985, 1992; Mango juice, novel, 1988; The Republics, short stories, 1991; Fable of the virgin and the fireman, novel, 1993; Survivorship techniques, short stories, 1994; Prodigies, novel, 1994; The Night of the innocent, novel, 1996; How to Succeed in Life, short stories, 1998. Menthe, short-stories, 2001; History of my Mother, a memoir, 2002; Tomb of Jaguars, novel, 2004; One Hundred Islands, essays, 2004; My dear friend, novel, 2006; In the aftrnoon, when it rains, essays, 2007; Three colors, novel, 2008; Dark chamber, short stories, 2009.

Awards: 1964: Vea & Lea Award, III contest of detective stories – 1965: Club del Orden Award – 1984: ¨Más Allᨠaward – 1984: ¨Poblet¨ award – 1984–85: Emecé award – 1985: ¨Sigfried Radaelli Club de los Trece¨ – 1986: Gilgamesh (Spain) – 1991: Gilgamesh again – 1996: ¨Dignity¨ award granted by the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights for works and activity in women’s rights – 1994: Konex Platinum - 1998: Silvina Bullrich award, granted by the Argentina Writers’ Society to the best novel written by a woman during the three precedent years -  2000: Esteban Echeverria award, granted by Gente de Letras (B.A., Argentina).

Short stories in anthologies in Argentina and other countries. Seminars, conferences, meetings, conventions, etc. in  Argentina and other countries. More than 300 lectures (not counting papers at meetings or conferences) especially on fantastic narrative and gender and literature. Judge at literary contests from 1967 to the present. Book presentations, public reading of short stories. Workshops for women who want to write. Articles and short stories in newspapers and magazines in Argentina and other countries.

A husband (for 58 years the same one), two sons, a daughter–in–law, a daughter, a son–in–law, six grandchildren, a house, a garden, many many friends... in Argentina and other countries.

Rosario, March 2002.

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Last updated: 8/24/11
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