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Ruth Sanderson

Ruth Sanderson Ruth Sanderson graduated from the Paier School of Art in Hamden, CT in 1974.  Among her many awards are the Young Hoosier Award in 1994 and the Irma S. Black Award in 1992 for her original story The Enchanted Wood and the Texas Bluebonet Award in 2003 for The Golden Mare, the Firebird and the Magic Ring

She has also won numerous awards at Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions, including Boskone, Arisia, Magicon, Noreascon 2 and 3, and the World Fantasy Convention.  Her paintings have been included in exhibitions around the country, including the Norman Rockwell Museum, the Society of Illustrators, the Original Art, the Delaware Museum of Art, the Art Museum of Western Virginia, and the Words and Pictures Museum.

 Over the past 30 years, she has illustrated more than 70 books for children of all ages and retold and illustrated many fairytales, including The Twelve Dancing Princesses (1989), The Enchanted Wood (1991) (original fairy tale), The Crystal Mountain (1995), Rose Red and Snow White (1997), The Snow Princess (2004), and Goldilocks (2009).  She provided the illustrations for Samantha Easton’s Beauty and the Beast (1992); two picture books by Jane Yolen, Sleeping Beauty (1986) and Where Have the Unicorns Gone? (2000); and The Tempest by Bruce Coville (1994).   She has also done YA fantasy covers for works by Dianna Wynne Jones, Marilyn Sunger, Meridth Pierce, Margaret Anderson, Clyde Bulla, and William Sleator.

Her adult fantasy covers have included Once Upon a Time, She Said by Jane Yolen (2005), Everard’s Ride by Diana Wynne Jones (1995), The Magnificent Wilf by Gordon Dixon (1996), The Exotic Enchanter by L. Sprague de Camp (1995) and works by Josepha Sherman and Paul O. Williams.

She is a member of the Western Mass Illustrators Guild and the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Visit her online at

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Last updated: 5/17/11
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