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Parke Godwin

Parke Godwin Parke Godwin published his first novel DARKER PLACES in 1973.  This was followed by A MEMORY OF LIONS, a novel of the Norman-Saxon conflict during the conquest.  Collaborating with Marvin Kaye he wrote THE MASTERS OF SOLITUDE and later WINTERMIND.  Godwin and Kaye proved a fruitful collaboration, producing A COLD BLUE LIGHT, a novel of the supernatural.

In 1980 he published the first of his Arthurian novels, FIRELORD which he followed with BELOVED EXILE,  a novel of Guinivere after Arthur’s death and providing a new slant on early Saxon laws and customs through Guinevere’s eyes.  By then Godwin had learned considerably more of the Faerie tradition in Britain and published THE LAST RAINBOW, a novel of Saint Patrick among the Prydn, called Faerie by others but in reality a fading race of nomadic sheep herders just trying to live.

In 1988 the year of copious Robin Hood interest, Godwin published SHERWOOD, a novel of Robin Hood but set a century earlier at the time of the Norman Conquest.  The book well enough for him to write ROBIN AND THE KING, Robin’s relationship to William II after the conqueror’s death.

Also in that year he published his controversial WAITING FOR THE GALACTIC BUS, followed by a sequel, THE SNAKE OIL WARS,to date his two favorite volumes. This was followed by LORD OF SUNSET, a novel of HAROLD II, the last Saxon king of England and his enduring love not only of country but for Edith, his wife who was with him at the last day, the battle of Hastings. Th is was followed by THE LOVERS, the story of Gareth MacDuimuid, the Irish follower of Arthur who also went to Brittany to fight with Trystan against Clovis and his Franks.

Currently, along with numerous short stories, Godwin has written THE PIPER’S SONG, the story of Jamie MacAngus and Lyriane from the limbo world of faerie.  He is currently at work on a third volume in the GALACTIC BUS series, IS THERE A GOD IN THE HOUSE?


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Last updated: 5/17/11
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