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About SanSFiS

San Diego Speculative Fiction Society, Inc. (SanSFiS) is a group of fans working to promote the field of speculative fiction in all its genres (science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, etc.) and forms (books, movies, fanzines, drama, etc.)

Our current activities center around support and operation of local science fiction conventions. Future plans include lectures, workshops, and other educational events and activities within the greater San Diego region. SanSFiS sponsored Conjecture for 13 years, annually (except 2009) from Conjecture 1 in 2002 to Conjecture 13 in 2015. SanSFiS sponsored World Fantasy Convention held October 27-30, 2011, and Westercon 68 held July 2-5, 2015. From its first year in 2010 through 2012, SanSFiS sponsored Anime Conji, and as of March 3, 2017, resumed sponsoring it in 2018. Since 2017, SanSFiS has sponsored the annual Gaslight Steampunk Expo. SanSFiS sponsored Costume-Con 36, held May 11-15, 2018.

Voting membership in SanSFiS corporate affairs is open to anyone who is (or has been) active staff or active participant in at least one SanSFiS event or program for an entire three month period. Membership dues were suspended annually since 2010. A current membership list and additional information are available. Apply by sending a message to

If you're interested in attending or volunteering for one of our conventions or other events, please utilize the contact information listed above and contact the event directly. Or, you may send email to and your query will be forward to the appropriate party.

SanSFiS operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational corporation. As required by law, our Articles of Incorporation and Current Bylaws are available for public inspection, as are our State (FTB 3500) and Federal (IRS1023) tax exemption applications and Federal exemption determination letter.

How to Contact Us

Inquiries regarding a specific project or event should be made to the contact points listed above. Activities not listed may be reached via the "General Information" address below.

  • [7] Anastasia Hunter - President
  • [6] Kate Evans - Vice-President
  • [3] Lisa Vaca - Secretary
  • [2] David Bloom - Treasurer
  • [1] Val Ontell - Director
  • [4] Sandi Faulkner - Director
  • [5] Adam Tilghman - Director
  • [8] Glen Wooten - Director
  • [9] Rebecca Rowan - Director (Ex Officio)
  • [10] Ron Ontell - Director
  • [11] Kevin Pere - Director
  • [12] Barney Evans - Director
  • General Information -

Postal mail may be sent to:

  • SanSFiS, Inc. P. O. Box 927388 San Diego, CA 92192-7388

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